J. Tiffany Bregovi

BA, Villanova University

MBA, The College of William & Mary

I once did an interview for my college newspaper. My subject told me she'd learned that the best way anyone can contribute to the world is by doing the thing that makes you happiest, as happiness is the most valuable thing you can contribute. When I’m producing an event, I elevate so far into a zone that it takes me a few days after to float down from the rush. That is my happiness.

More than that, I love making OTHER people happy. What better way is there to do that than to take away their stress and worry around planning something that is supposed to be joyous and heart-filling? Most events are a celebration, whether we’re coming together for a milestone of life, a chance for education, or an opportunity to give back, events celebrate the joining of hearts and minds in a physical location.

I have worked with non-profit organizations such as Melanoma Research Foundation, Camp Alliance, Inc., Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the College of William and Mary Mason School of Business to plan fundraising events such as golf tournaments, cocktail receptions, silent auctions, and outdoor festivals. I’ve also planned social events of any scale, including weddings, anniversaries, bridal/baby showers, baptism parties, and birthdays. And in between all that, I try to volunteer my time to events that celebrate the causes that are dear to me.


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